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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Accurate Language SolutionsTM do?Accurate Language SolutionsTM provides professional language services in interpretation, translation and corporate training (ITcT) in major languages of the world. Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Persian and Italian are to name a few.

What are the aims and objectives of Accurate Language SolutionsTM?Our aim is to provide language services / solutions to a broad range of private and public sector need. We train new recruits language interpretation, translation and training.

Is it a network of language experts?Yes, rightly understood! It is a network of language experts. Language interpreters, translators and trainers are available 24×365 to meet your project goals.

Who are these language interpreters, translators and trainers?Our language experts are highly educated world known universities and are experienced to work on projects. Once we select them through rigorous testing, we also train them business ethics, managerial skills and soft skills.

Am I qualified to work at Accurate Language SolutionsTM?Yes, if you have a master’s degree in any language and you fulfill the terms & conditions of Accurate Language SolutionsTM, you can write out online tests and submit your recent curriculum vitae for our consideration.

Is Accurate Language SolutionsTM associated with any guild or institution?No, it is not associated with any guild or institution.

Is Accurate Language SolutionsTM affiliated with some international quality control system?The quality of our work is constantly supervised by the management, board of advisors and the stakeholders. We are continuously watching our growth and will not hesitate to accommodate your suggestions.

Who is the target audience of Accurate Language SolutionsTM?Our target audience is person / employers of foreign origin and business entities dealing with foreign clients, who need our language interpretation, translation and/or training.

What are the featured programs conducted by the company?Our featured programs are not limited to conducting language workshops (offline and online) for prospective language experts and recruitment events for prospective clients.

How are these interpreters / translators / trainers accessible?Language interpreters, translators and trainers are accessible through our online and offline requisitions. The accessibility is ensured through availability of a language expert.

Are the services offered by Accurate Language SolutionsTM cost-effective?Yes, the charges are very minimal and affordable! Read more about how to be an interpreter or translator or trainer with us.

How is this Company different from other organizations/companies?Accurate Language SolutionsTM frequently organizes recruitment events for prospective language consultants. It ensures quality delivery of the service/product upon completion.

Are these language interpreters, translators and trainers available in any city of India?Yes, they are available across India. However, to ensure our service, do confirm language expert’s availability for your target area.

How do I find a language interpreter, translator and trainer?Finding your language expert is very easy.

Who develops and designs the training programs?The programs are developed keeping in view the specific needs of a client or company and also on the proper evaluation of the constraints of a particular city.

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